The SWE Boston K-12 Outreach Committee coordinates programs concerning career guidance that inform women, their families, guidance counselors, and the public in general, of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them.

Contact Information

For more information about participating in our outreach programs, email FY24 VP of Outreach, Areeba Z., at outreach@sweboston.org.

Upcoming Outreach Events

New outreach events are always on the horizon. Click on the link below to learn more about some upcoming outreach events.

Past Outreach Events

Interested in seeing examples of some of our past outreach events? Click the link below to learn more.


SWENext is a great resource for girls K-12 as well as educators and parents. It’s free to sign up and has tons of activities, a great monthly newsletter that shares profiles and interviews with women in a certain engineering discipline (different one each month). There are also opportunities to connect with local female engineers and lots of scholarship opportunities as well. Please add Event Code “SWEBoston” when you sign up!

Outreach Resources

SWE Boston collaborates with various local outreach programs and organizations. Click the link below to learn more about various resources that may be of interest to girls, their parents, and teachers.

Outreach Resources