Past Executive Council

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Past Presidents of SWE Boston

A term in SWE is based on the fiscal year, is commonly called a “financial year” (FY), and starts on July 1st and ends on the next June 30th. Presidents are nominated by the Nominating Committee each term, and elected by the members of SWE Boston.

FY23 (2022 – 2023): Ann G.
FY22 (2021 – 2022): Tanvi D.
FY21 (2020 – 2021): Tanvi D.

FY20 (2019 – 2020): Chhavi G.
FY19 (2018 – 2019): Kim W.
FY18 (2017 – 2018): Anita G.
FY17 (2016 – 2017): Anita G.
FY16 (2015 – 2016): Denise R. (until March) / Anita G.
FY15 (2014 – 2015): Artemis A.-T.
FY14 (2013 – 2014): Artemis A.-T.
FY13 (2012 – 2013): Sara (J.) C.
FY12 (2011 – 2012): Sara (J.) C.
FY11 (2010 – 2011): Lori A.

FY10 (2009 – 2010): Lori A.
​2008 – 2009: Kerry (M.) B.
​2007 – 2008: Kerry (M.) B.
2006 – 2007: Denise C. G.
2005 – 2006: Denise C. G.
2004 – 2005: Usha S.
2003 – 2004: Susan S.
2002 – 2003: Susan S.
2001 – 2002: Emily S.
2000 – 2001: Emily S.

1999 – 2000: Kim R.
1998 – 1999: Gina R. N.
1997 – 1998: Donna N. S.
1996 – 1997: Jacqueline C.
1995 – 1996: Danielle L. (until September) / Jacqueline C.
1994 – 1995: Sharon (D.) J.
1993 – 1994: Rita (N.) F.
1992 – 1993: Greer T. S.
1991 – 1992: Beth Silverman
1990 – 1991: Beth Silverman

1989 – 1990: Linda B.
1988 – 1989: Linda B.
1987 – 1988: Betty S.
1986 – 1987: Betty S.
1985 – 1986: Judy N.
1984 – 1985: Judy N.
1983 – 1984: Pat Q. S.
1982 – 1983: Pat Q. S.
1981 – 1982: Sarah S.
1980 – 1981: Sarah S.

1979 – 1980: Sally C. (H.) (J.)
1978 – 1979: Sally O.
1977 – 1978: Sally O.
1976 – 1977: Kathleen C.
1975 – 1976: Kathleen C.
1974 – 1975: Evelyn M.-L.
1973 – 1974: Evelyn M.-L.
1972 – 1973: Priscilla C.
1971 – 1972: Mattie M.
1970 – 1971: Amy S. (until April) / Priscilla C.

1969 – 1970: Amy S.
1968 – 1969: Susan S.
1967 – 1968: Susan S.
1966 – 1967: Amy S.
1965 – 1966: Carole C.
1964 – 1965: Joan S.
1963 – 1964: Mary M.
1962 – 1963: Elaine B.
1961 – 1962: Leslie F.
1960 – 1961: Anna B.

1959 – 1960: Anna B.
​1958 – 1959: Janice R. (until November) / Constance D.
1957 – 1958: Elaine K. (until October) / Mattie M.
1956 – 1957: Aileen C.
1955 – 1956: Aileen C.
1954 – 1955: Margaret R.
1953 – 1954: Martha T.
1952 – 1953: Barbara C.
1951 – 1952: Mary P.
1950 – 1951: Mary P.?

Past Executive Councils

The SWE Boston Executive Council organizes our three committees – Professional Development, Membership, and Outreach. Our committees help women in engineering develop professionally, become members of our society, and reach out to the next generation.

FY23 Executive Council
Ann G., President
Erika Torliksden, First Vice President, Professional Development
Areeba Z., Second Vice President, K-12 Outreach
Sneha N., Third Vice President, Membership
Jodi A., Treasurer
Michelle G., Recording Secretary

Michelle is a Senior Development Engineer at Medtronic in Danvers, MA. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating in 2015. During her time at RIT, Michelle held a variety of roles including Secretary, Vice President, and President of the RIT SWE section. She joined SWE Boston when she moved back to the Boston area in 2018 and has happily been involved since! For this fiscal year, Michelle aims to provide comprehensive communication to the executive council, assist in retention and increase in membership of SWE Boston members, and meet more SWE Boston members.

FY22 Executive Council
Tanvi D., President

Tanvi D. was a member of the SWE Boston Executive Council for five consecutive years. She was the Recording Secretary for FY21 and was a Section Representative and Treasurer prior to that. She was also the Email Coordinator for SWE Boston from 2005 – 2009. She holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. In the past she has worked at Boston Engineering as a Lead Software Engineer and as a Research Engineer at Raytheon BBN Technologies. While in college, she was the Treasurer for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst SWE Section from 1998 – 2000. As the VP of Membership for FY19, Tanvi’s goals included:

  1. Continue to retain SWE Boston members through meaningful activities such as periodic membership events, networking brunches, etc.
  2. Continue providing conference awards to enable SWE Boston members to attend various SWE conferences.
  3. Introduce one new membership event.

In her free time, Tanvi loves to travel around the world with her husband and kids. She is committed to assist the SWE Boston team in continuing to make it a successful section.

The President has the responsibilities of general supervision, direction, and control of the business affairs of the Section, and takes an active role in SWE Boston committees, programs, and activities. She organizes bi-monthly EC meetings and presides over all EC and general membership meetings.

Sneha S., First Vice President, Professional Development

The First Vice President, as head of the Professional Development Committee, organizes the monthly meetings and other professional development programs for the Section.

Elizabeth “Ellie” M., Second Vice President

Ellie M. is a Manufacturing Engineer at Candela Medical, an aesthetic laser company in Wayland, Massachusetts. She’s part of the Board of Directors, Board Clerk and a Volunteer Project Manager for a local nonprofit called People Making a Difference, which pairs volunteers with local organizations for meaningful one-day projects. When she’s not working or volunteering, Ellie loves cooking, reading, running, watching weird movies and being a beer snob.

Ellie has been active with SWE Boston since the summer of 2015, getting involved in Outreach as well as Membership activities. As VP of K-12 Outreach in FY19, Ellie organized 23 events for SWE Boston and partnered with 14 new organizations which resulted in over 200 volunteer hours. FY20 brought some major obstacles during what is typically the busiest time for outreach, but we still managed to organize 9 events with over 100 volunteer hours.

Ellie’s goals for FY21 included:

  1. Develop innovative ways to continue SWE’s K-12 Outreach program virtually, including scheduling a brainstorming session open to all SWE Boston members.
  2. Reach out to at least two new partners from FY20 to create more involved events with them in FY21.
  3. Send out a quarterly update to the Outreach committee that outlines upcoming events and calls for volunteers, as well as opens communication with members who might have ideas for new events or partners.

The Second Vice President, as head of the K-12 Outreach Committee, oversees programs that inform women, their families, guidance counselors, and the public in general, of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them. These programs include mentoring, science fairs, merit certificates, Girl Scouts, and the Speaker’s Bureau.

Julie P., Third Vice President

Julie P. is a Product Engineer at 908 Devices in Boston, Massachusetts, where she spends her days working in chemical threat protection. She joined the organization in fall 2014 when she began her degree in mechanical engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT). Julie joined SWE Boston and served as the Eventbrite Coordinator where she managed the page, created events, sent reminders, and answered event questions. Julie credits SWE for so much of her success—her communication skills, strong network of friends and role models, the start to her career, and most importantly, confidence in her abilities as a female engineer. For Julie, it’s the community SWE fosters and its dedication to its members that inspires her to continue as a member. She would be honored to serve as your Vice President of Membership so she is able to give back to the community that has helped her grow. Her goals for FY21 included:

  1. Introduce a new membership event centered around New Members. For some people it is difficult to get involved when they’re new to an organization; this will ease the transition and make new members excited about future events.
  2. Build on Tanvi D.’s goals and continue providing conference awards and partial sponsorships to enable SWE Boston members to attend SWE conferences.
  3. Work closely with the Collegiate Liaison to inform graduating students about SWE Boston in order to grow membership.

The Vice President of Membership handles all tasks and sponsors programs associated with the goals of member recruitment, retention, and services. These activities include membership administration, and preparing packets for new and potential members.

Jodi A., Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps a full and complete record of the Section’s financial accounts, manages all funds of the Section, and prepares the annual financial report as required by the Society.

Michelle G., Recording Secretary

Michelle G. is a Development Engineer at Medtronic in Danvers, Massachusetts. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating in 2015. Her background is diverse with experience in the automotive and aerospace industries with the recent switch to the medical device industry. She joined SWE Boston when she moved back to the Boston area and is looking to increase her involvement. In college, Michelle held a variety of roles including Secretary, Vice President, and President of the RIT SWE section. For FY20, Michelle hopes to accomplish the following goals: provide comprehensive communications to the section, assist in retention and increase in membership of SWE Boston members through connection, and support and work with more closely SWE Boston members.

The Recording Secretary records, prepares, maintains, and distributes the record of the proceedings of the membership and EC meetings.

Kimberly “Kim” W., Corresponding Secretary

Kim was a past president of SWE Boston. She has also been SWE Boston’s Section Representative for 2 years. She’s our Communications Chair, overseeing our social media, phone, website, and now newsletter. In 2016, Region F awarded the Boston section the Outstanding Communications Award. Kim is excited to help build an engaged SWE community that promotes diversity and inclusion in FY19. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at Florida State University. She currently works as a software engineer at Cognizant. In her free time, Kim likes to read, write, draw, watch TV, and exercise.

The Corresponding Secretary conducts Section correspondence with the general membership and the public.

Nominating Committee: Ann G., Iva C., and Amanda G.