The SWE-PPS always welcomes new faces to become part of the growing SWE-PPS community.

If you are interested in volunteering, Contact Us!

Examples of volunteer opportunities include:
  • Engaging local schools and companies for STEM outreach
  • Coordinate Meet Ups for local events created by SWE-PPS and other local Engineering groups.
  • Participate as part of the annual SWE-PPS Scholarship selection
  • Be part of the award committee
  • Engage with other SWE-PPS officers to create new ideas and give back to the community
  • Engage with the SWE-PPS secretary to add, modify, delete content to the SWE-PPS newsletter
  • Work with the SWE-PPS Webmaster to assist with the website infrastructure
  • Engage with the SWE-PPS officers to ensure technical services are functional and secure
  • Coordinate local fundraising events