SWE Columbia River Section annually grants two merit-based scholarships for local undergraduate or graduate students who identify as female and are pursuing an engineering degree. 

  • Coral Jean Cotterell Achievement Scholarship $2,500
  • Columbia River Section Scholarship $1,000 

Scholarship money is for tuition, books, etc., and is awarded via the university registrar. 

Availability awarded to the following colleges:

  • George Fox University
  • Oregon State University
  • Oregon Institute of Technology-Klamath Falls
  • Oregon Institute of Technology-Wilsonville
  • Portland State University
  • University of Portland

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Congrats FY22 Recipients!

Columbia River Scholarship  

Lauren W.

Lauren is currently a Junior at The University of Portland working on a BS in mechanical engineering with a minor in innovation. She has been very active in the UP SWE section and has served as the Outreach Coordinator for the past two years.  ​

“Ever since I was young, I have always been up for an intellectual challenge. When I was placed in advanced math groups in elementary school and joined math club and math competitions in middle school, I enjoyed the challenge and the involvement further ignited my desire to learn. In high school, I enjoyed math and physics, and my teachers were always very encouraging of me.

At the University of Portland, I have gotten involved with a variety of activities that have allowed me to put my work ethic and service-oriented mindset to good use. Through participating in Circle K, Blue Key Honor Society, attending a Service Plunge, getting involved in campus ministry, and volunteering my time in my dorm community, I have enjoyed dedicating my time to helping others. 

​SWE has acted as a great conduit for involvement in service activities, as I have helped sort food at the Oregon Food Bank and volunteered to help run the STEM career fair that SWE puts on every year. After my freshman year, I decided to run for an officer position for my university’s SWE chapter and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have used my strong interpersonal skills to develop relationships with individuals and strengthen the support base for women in engineering. Through moderating panels, coordinating a professional mentorship program, and working alongside fellow officers to plan engaging events, I have been able to connect women at my university with the resources they need to succeed as they prepare for a future in engineering. I am excited to continue on this path and tackle the exciting opportunities ahead of me within engineering.”

Coral Jean Cotterell Achievement Scholarship

Karoline H.

​Karoline is currently working on three engineering degrees from The Oregon Institute of Technology – a BS in civil engineering, a BS in environmental science and a MS in civil engineering. Despite her busy class schedule, she still finds time to get involved with the OIT SWE section and has served as the treasurer since 2019.

“My interest in civil engineering was sparked when I first saw how infrastructure could impact people’s lives, especially in times of tragedy and natural disasters. As I continued in school, I discovered that I also enjoyed the academic material which would allow me to actually pursue a career in engineering. Civil engineering was particularly appealing because it would allow me to help the public and solve engineering problems. 

When I actually entered college, I found that civil engineering was a better fit for me than I could have hoped. To expand my academic knowledge outside of my classes, I have also been heavily involved in academic clubs. Particularly, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society have allowed me to expand my knowledge, network with professionals, and build my leadership skills. In these clubs, I have been fortunate enough to serve in a variety of leadership roles including concrete canoe captain, steel bridge captain, vice-president, treasurer, and cataloger.

I want to thank the SWE Columbia River Section for their support in my educational journey. It is truly humbling to have received support from an organization such as SWE.”

Past Recipients

  • Lauren White – University of Portland – FY21
  • Jessica Yoshioka – University of Portland – FY21
  • ​Ashika Mulagada – University of Portland – FY20
  • Brie Landie – Oregon Institute of Technology – FY20
  • Zarith Hammond – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY19
  • Alexis Peltier – University of Portland – FY19
  • Polina Polikakhina – Portland State University – FY18
  • Corrine DeForest – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY17
  • Polina Polikakhina – Portland State University – FY17
  • Alyssa Deardorff – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY15
  • Chase Cici Suehiro – University of Portland – FY15
  • Christine Chen – University of Portland – FY15
  • Elizabeth Thurman – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY15
  • Alyssa Deardorff – Oregon Institute of Technology – Wilsonville – FY14
  • Christine Chen – University of Portland – FY14
  • Jennifer Graham – University of Portland – FY13
  • Dorcas Kaweesa – University of Portland – FY13
  • Nicole Zimmerman – Portland State University – FY12
  • Jenafer Graham – University of Portland – FY12
  • Jessica Hamilton – University of Portland – FY10
  • Kelly Youngberg – University of Portland – FY09